The Ska Zine Webring

The Ska Zine Webring was established on October 26, 1998 in order to provide both fans and publishers with a specific network of zine sites. Instead of spending hours searching a generic zine webring to find something on ska, or a generic ska webring in order to find a zine, we've put the best of both worlds together with the Ska Zine Webring!

Interested in joining? Just follow the steps below:

1) Find out if you qualify.

2) Fill out the submission form. You will be assigned a ring number - write it down! This is your place in the ring and you will need to add these numbers to the webring code in step 3.

3) Add the webring code to your site. Remember to replace the asteriks you see with your information (either your name, email address, or ring number).

4) Wait to be added to the ring.

That's all there is to it! Got questions? Email me.

Want to check out my zine?