The Easy*Life Zine Staff

megan gerrity * editor
Megan is a zine publisher, working stiff, and general misanthrope. Her favorite ska bands are Madness, Bim Skala Bim, The Beat, Bad Manners, Symarip, and Fishbone. Favorite non-ska is The Pixies, The Belmont Playboys, Mr T Experience, The Prissteens, The Jam, Shudder to Think, and The Damned. Other things that bring happiness to her dull little life are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vanity Fair, MTV's Matt Pinhead (um... i mean Pinfield), Repo Man, Border Cafe's Chicken Burros, and Godzilla. Perhaps you've been at a show Megan was at. Or perhaps you'd like to move on...

Justin "Sharkskin" Finnegan * Advertising & Promotions
"Sharky" is a student of Speech Communication at Hofstra University and is expected to be the first student with tenure. His favorite non-ska bands are Rocket From the Crypt, The Bomboras, The Amazing (Royal) Crowns, Satan's Pilgrims, and Deadbolt. He is also a fan of both Elvises (Presley and Costello), Frank Sinatra, The Rock (the most electrifying man in sports entertainment), tiki gods, monkeys, and Royal Crown Hair Dressing.

Andy Visser * Ska-Punk Reviewer
Hello Easy Life Fans,
My name is Andy Visser and I am a scrawny kid, so, please watch your step! Or I'll send my mom after you and believe me that's scary! I enjoy wearing boxers and creating noise on my drums (my parents love the noise). I like watching movies, listening to music, going to shows, doin' stuff with my friends and eating Ramen Noodles. I mainly write reviews here, but occasionally will do other stuff. I am from a small town called Marshalltown in good ole' Iowa. We have a pretty good ska/punk scene here; where the corn is tall and the towns are dull. Well, anyway we have some pretty good local bands here in M-town, like Safety Second, Sworn Allegiance and Ill fated. Best of luck to 'em all! Oh, yea, and one more thing...Skank your ass off!!

Easy*Life Contributors
Past & Present

Brittany Bissonette - issue 11 * Adam Coozer - issue 7, 11, 12 * Johnny Fantastic - issue 1-7
Andrew Galante - issue 13/14 * David Green - issue 10 * Sue Goldberg - issue 1
Sam Jones - issue 6, 7 * Yana Lim - issue 2 * Rob Mills - issue 10
Matt Porter - issue 13/14 * Andrew Roberts - issue 13/14 * Kristen Tomaino - issue 12
Noah Wildman - issues 2, 4, 5, 7-11

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