Ska Show Diary * 2000

BimSkalaBim/Allstonians/Jaya the Cat
Middle East - Cambridge, MA
January 1, 2000

There are few better ways to start the New Year off then with a solid ska show, and it had been years since I'd seen Bim in my hometown (and theirs). Jaya the Cat was less than impressive, and the Allstonians were fine (well, better than fine since they closed with "B Train to Allston" - my favorite Allstonians tune) but I was there for Bim. So imagine my surprise and excitement when who gets up on stage with Dan and the gang but... Vinny! Yup, he was back, filling in for their regular trombonist who had his jaw wired shut. Completely unexpected, but definitely a blast--and a trip down memory lane.

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