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RUN FOR YER LIFE - self-titled
CD - 1999 Jump Up! Records
review by megan

Initially this was going to be a very positive review. I was going to talk about the "strong female vocals" and the decent songwriting and the catchiness of a tune like "Te Vi". But halfway through this 12 song CD I realized that I was getting really tired listening to it and really just wanted it to end.

This is because as good as the band is, and as soulful as the songs can be, and as pretty as the lyric sheet is, the album is repetitious. The vocal tricks that I liked in the first six songs got really tiresome in the last six and the horns followed the same type of progression in each song. With the exception of the energetic "Heard and Not Seen", the last and best track on the album, the tempo of the songs barely changed. There's quality and potential here for sure, but until the band starts mixing it up there isn't much else.

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