Ska Mom and Auntie Ska's
Fun Stuff

Auntie Ska's East River Sludge

  1. Melt the chocolate
  2. In the microwave, use low heat as it tends to burn it
  3. Double boiler method - put a few inches of water in the bottom pot
  4. Place chocolate in the boiler top, simmer, stir when chocolate starts to melt (To make your own cheepo double boiler, take a clean can (empty food can like soup, spaghetti), use any pot that the can will fit in. Put a couple of inches of water in the pot, place chocolate in can, put in pot, heat slowly, stir when the chocolate starts to melt.)
  5. - NOTE - do NOT fill the container with chocolate, leave room for stirring
  6. Once it's melted... dump in whatever you think would taste good chocolate covered (see suggestions above). Add slowly, making sure there's enough chocolate to cover everything. Dump completed mixture onto foil/sheet/paper, allow to cool, break into pieces, consume.

Auntie's Brain Candy

This is an e-a-s-y fun to watch microwave snack (can be made in double boiler, but micro's more fun to watch).


  1. Nuke marshmallows & fat for less than a minute
  2. WATCH IT CLOSELY... looks like something from the labs at CDC
  3. Turn it off before it overflows
  4. Stir in cereal
  5. Spread on a tray or form into balls or eat right out of the container

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