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Princely Popovers

Ok. Who saw the Muppet version of "The Frog Prince"? Wasn't that fun? There was Kermit the Frog sitting at the banquet table trying to tell the King that the stepmother Queen was actually a terrible witch (but the enchanted princess could only call her a "werrible titch") and the evil stepmother just kept saying, "Have a popover, froggie!" and stuffing them into Kermit's mouth so that he couldn't spill the beans. These are so good that you will voluntarily stuff them into your mouth!

Popover pans are a good thing to have, because they have nice tall sides to them. But if you don't have them, you can use cupcake pans or something roughly that same size and shape. But trust me, you'll be glad to invest in a popover pan (ask for one on your next gift-giving occasion. They also make lovely serving pieces.)

Mix together the flour, eggs, milk, and melted butter until nice and smooth. (You can use a blender or an eggbeater. It will look like heavy cream when you're done.)

Put a little bit of extra butter in each cup of the popover pan, and put it in the oven (425 degrees) to melt and for the pan to heat up a bit (this helps them puff up.)

After a couple of minutes, spoon the batter into the pan (about halfway full -- these puff a LOT!)

Bake at 425 for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 and bake another 15-20 minutes. Makes six popovers.

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