Sick of Ska? Here's some...

Easy Life Non-Ska Links

Some non-ska bands

The Adults: great Texas rock (kinda)
Death to the Pixies: My favorite band in the world
Cigar Store Indians: Excellent roots/rockabilly band
Belmont Playboys: Fantastic Rockabilly band & my personal favorite
The Jam Info Page: Great mod band
Empty Starship: Page #1 dedicated to punk band the Mr T Experience
Andy's Mr T Experience Page: Page #2 dedicated to punk band the Mr T Experience
The Panic: Ultrasonic Sounds for the Ultratechnotronic Age
Weezer World: The greatest rock band of the 90's
Shudder To Think: Fantastic rock-n-roll (?) band
The Complete Jawbreaker Page: As the name suggests
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: That "Swingers" band
The Ray Gelato Giants: swingers responsible for the surfin' Levis Dockers ad

Some non-ska music

AltVideos: a full video jukebox, including ska
Black Pumpkin Records: indie/pop-punk/hardcore/ska/heavy music/alt music label
British Underground Rock Bands: indie music from the UK
Fearless Records: mostly punk label
Benny Goodman: devoted to the swing king
Lookout! Records: the label of my heroes, the Mr. T Experience (& a bunch of other punk bands)
Mod Music: covering the music, soul & style
Mr. Lucky: Covering latin, jazz, world, vocals, & vintage music
Musician's Assistance Network: not a label but a great resource for musicians
Psychobilly Homepage: where Rockabilly's bastard cousin lives
Rockabilly Central: all about Rockabilly (of course)
Rockabilly Homepage: and again, all about Rockabilly
Live Concerts: a chance to hear your favorite artists in the comfort of your own room
Music Radio: links to the on-line versions of the world's radio stations
Slim Style Records: swingin' label
Spinner: on-line radio
UBL: extensive music listings

Some non-ska fun

The 1966 Batman TV Show Tribute Page: personal and factual, this site's as fun as the show
Book-A-Minute Classics: shorter than Cliff Notes & twice as funny
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: the Best Damn Show on TV!
Cookie Recipes: all cookies, all the time
Cyber Finn's Page: check out his breakfast cereal memories
The Gallery of the Absurd: you have to see it to believe it
House of Fun: Evan Dorkin's comics site
Marvel Comics Fruit Pie Page: not only did the Hulk fight evil, but he enjoyed a lemon fruit pie while doing it
Monopoly Pub Crawl: something to do when you're in london...
Muppets Tonight! Episode Guide: Kermit, Gonzo, & Johnny Fiama... what more could you want?
Sin City: Penn & Teller's homepage
The Stupid Shop: Where you can buy stupid things
Super Marketing! Ads from the Comic Books: A cleverly nostalgic site
Swingray's Home Page: from the king of the swingers himself
The Original Tick Page: Devoted to the big blue superhero himself
Spoon!: another fun Tick page
Trendy Magic: will the mischevious rabbit fool you?
Unofficial Dancing Baby Homepage: Sick, sick, sick
Wizards & Warriors: Commemorating the coolest '80's tv show ever

Some non-ska social action

Co-op America: network of resources for those living a "green" life
Co-Op America's Green Pages: socially responsible shopping, for just about everything
Zero Population Growth: official web site of ZPG
ZineORama: one stop zine shopping

Some non-ska girls

Brillo: an online magazine exploring issues of access to technology
Disgruntled Housewife: guide to modern living & intersex relationships
Grrl: beautiful zine with lots to do and see. rock on.
Grrls in Comix: photos & essays on female superheroes
One Angry Girl Designs: t-shirts for the discerning riot grrl
Spacegirl: design & art zine with some snazzy free wallpaper
Women of 1970's Punk: i love this page. go. look. now.

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