A Little Bit of Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing...
by megan

People always talk about MTV or No Doubt fans destroying "the scene", but that's bull. The real threat to the feeling of belonging in ska comes from inside - from prima donna fashion fiends who got a little bit of history and too much of mom's money. I have been stuck next to these people one time too many - giggling girls and "too cool" guys, every one decked out to the nines. They can name the mental hospital Don Drummond died in and know where Orange Street got their name, but somehow they can't learn respect.

I've been on the receiving end enough times to know the rules at a show (any kind of show): don't push in front of someone who's obviously using the space to dance; if you hit someone by accident while dancing apologize and shift your position so you don't do it again; and don't yell "oi!" unless you're an honest to god skinhead.

Yet at every show these asses end up next to me, pulling their 20 friends along with them, pushing me to the side of the stage. Why? Because I'm nobody. I'm not in a band, I don't work at a record label, I'm not taking pictures. Apparantly it doesn't matter that we're sharing the same dance floor, or even the same air. To them, my lack of importance in "the scene" means that they don't have to have respect for me as a living, breathing, dancing human being.

Well I've had it. I'm tired of being pushed around by a mall chick who figured out where to buy a Fred Perry, or by guys looking for any 2-bit band member around to chat up so they can seem like they know what they're doing - like they're "someone".

Clothes don't mean anything. Who you know doesn't mean anything. All the trivia you know especially doesn't mean anything. The only thing that means anything is the music, and if that's not why you're at the show, then get the hell out of my way and let me dance.