Was ist Easy*Life?

The Easy*Life ska zine began in January 1997 as a 6 page, xeroxed, 1/2 page zine. We started out publishing bi-monthly, and the whole point of doing the zine in the first place wasn't to kiss ass or be popular, but to get a dialogue started between fans about their common interest: ska. None of the zines I was reading at the time were doing this - most were too busy fawning over band members or asserting their own superiority in the "scene". As if that was important.

It's over 3 years later, and our focus hasn't changed. If Easy*Life is anything, it's a populist rag. We're more interested in what the fans think about today's bands than what the bands think about the fans. Without a fan base subcultures, be it punk, hardcore, rockabilly, ska, or whatever, can't survive. And without involved fans, the culture can't thrive.


It's easy! It's fun! All your friends are doing it! Whether you're a label promoting your newest release, a band looking to sell some demos, a store advertising its latest sale, or just a person trying to sell that old flight jacket, Easy*Life is the place to advertise. Our rates are competitive and we have a guaranteed distribution of 1000 newsprint copies each issue, distributed throughout the United States and overseas. Our rates are:

1/8 page (1.25inches X .75 inches) - $10

1/4 page (2.5x1.5)- $20

1/2 page (5x3) - $35

Full page (10x6) - $50

Inside back cover - $75

1/2 page back cover - $75

For more information on advertising, email me.

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