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Covering Ska Culture Since 1997


Easy Life is a quarterly NYC ska zine that's been in existence since January 1997. We are always looking for articles & art from thoughtful young people like yourself. Our focus is on creating a dialogue between ska fans on issues ranging from sexism to the burgeoning popularity of ska to which NYC bars have the best ska jukeboxes. Follow some of the links at the left to read excerpts, reviews, and tirades from the nine issues we've published so far. Issue #10 will be out December 10th!


We are doing a major redesign! In honor of our 2 year anniversary, all the Easy*Life pages will be overhauled and improved, so check back on November 1st for the new, super deluxe Easy*Life!


The Show Calendar is Dead! The darn thing was just taking too much time to compile, and was never going to be as complete as some sites already on the web. So instead, check out the links to local sites which list shows. And thanks to all the people who sent in show dates, especially for the smaller bands. Keep me updated with local band links and info!


We actively encourage anyone who would like to write to do so - everyone has a voice! Submissions can be mailed to the address below or emailed to EasyLifeSka@hotmail.com. If you're a band, label, or zine, feel free to send in materials for review. Odds are we'll review it, and if we do, a copy will be sent to you. If you'd like to advertise, our rates are as follows:

1/8 page (1.25inches X .75 inches) - $10

1/4 page (2.5x1.5)- $20

1/2 page (5x3) - $35

Full page (10x6) - $50

Inside back cover - $75 1/2 page back cover - $75 For more information on advertising, just email me!

Easy Life #10 submissions deadline: November 15th


If you're in the NYC area you may find some copies at Moon Records or See/Hear on 7th Street between Ave A & B. The easiest way to get a copy though, is to order one directly. Just send a $1.50 and your address:
Megan Gerrity
PO Box 1545
New York, NY 10276

As stated, issues are $1.50, and subscriptions are $5/year. Trades are happily arranged with other zines, teeny-tiny bands, and people who can't afford a buck fifty. IMPORTANT: If you send a check, DO NOT make it out to Easy Life. I can do nothing with it. Checks should be made out to Megan Gerrity

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