Excerpts From an Easy*Life

Follow the links to sample some excerpts from back issues of the Easy*Life Ska Zine. And after you've finished reading, perhaps you'd like to order a backissue or three.

Opinions expressed in these excerpts are those of the authors and all material is the property of said authors. So there!

Issue #1 (Jan/Feb 97) - Features "A Ska Primer", album reviews, a trip to Australia, and the soon-to-be-infamous Vinnie Page.

Issue #2 (Mar/Apr 97) - Features an interview with members of Skavoovie and the Epitones, a Ska Pub Crawl Part 1, album reviews, and a how-to on dancing.

Issue #3 (May/Jun 97) - Features a Ska Pub Crawl part 2, a trip to Long Island, web reviews, zine reviews, album reviews, and an article on sexism in ska.

Issue #4 (Jul/Aug 97) - Features an article by Noah Wildman about ska and his dad, a Ska Pub Crawl part 3, our non-ska band of the month, music & net reviews, & a lot of opinion.

Issue #5 (Sep/Oct 97) - Features various rants, a discussion on "rude" fashion & ska, the Easy Life Questionnaire, a ska band name game, and two CD giveaway contests.

Issue #6 (Nov/Dec 97) - Our all-review issue. Check out our review page to see what we had to say about ska in 1997.

Issue #7 (Jan/Feb/March 98) - The Face of Ska Today - In which we compiled the results of our ska listeners survey. Also included album reviews and personal musings from regular contributors.

Issue #8 (April/May/June 98) - Newsprint baby! Featuring a video-off between MTV's Skaturday & Moon's "Real Ska Reel", a history of the Skatalites from Noah Wildman, a personal account of small-town racism from Rob Mills, and more!

Issue #9 (July/August/September 98) - Featuring a ska report from London, Panama, and the New England Ska Fest, plus a ton of reviews.

Issue #10 (Oct/Nov/Dec 98) - Our year in review issue, featuring thoughts on the year's ska from fans, bands, and ska movers and shakers. Plus the usual CD reviews, zine reviews, and trivia contest.

Issue #11 (Jan/Feb/Mar 99) - Articles on Ska-Punk, Rush's and 3rd wave ska, the Business of Ska Part One: with Jump Up! Record's Chuck Wren, two local ska reports from CA, reinvesting in ska by Noah Wildman, and reviews, reviews, reviews.

Issue #12 (Summer 99) - Articles on being Trendy and Selling Out, the Business of Ska Part Two: with Ariel Publicity's Ariel Hyatt, putting ska out of its misery, and web and album reviews.

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