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Easy*Life Picks - Ska Bands - Non-Ska Bands

Bands are listed in each section alphabetical order and the links are accurate (to the best of my knowledge). If you'd like to have your band added, email me and I'll check it out.

Easy*Life Picks

Bad Manners: A fan page dedicated to that fat sound
Bim Skala Bim: The best ska band currently playing
The Bodysnatchers: A little info on this short-lived 2Tone band
Critical Mass: Fun 4th wave sound with a punk angle
DanceHall Crashers: Quick & fun California 3rd wave
(English)Beat: Original 2nd wave from the UK
Fishbone: An unofficial homepage for a 3rd wave pioneer
Inspecter 7: Great NYC ska/oi
Isaac Green & the Skalars: Mid-west traditional with style
Loin Groin: Excellent Australian band with 2-tone overtones
Madness: Super-complete page on this 2-tone band
Madness: Another nice Madness page
The Pilfers: One of the best new bands around, with Vinnie (ex-BimSkalaBim) & Coolie (ex-Toasters)
The Pilfers: The official Pilfers page
The Riffs: "Blending a fine mix of ska and '60's reggae" and hailing from England
The Selecter: Pauline Black is my idol...
Skaos: Wonderful German 3rd wave band
The Skatalites: The originators of ska music
Skavoovie & the Epitones: Great jazz influenced ska
The Skoidats: Playing an excellent mix of ska and oi
The Specials: Pretty self-explanatory
The Specials: Another page on the 2Tone legends
The Toasters: One of the founders of 3rd wave
Toots & the Maytals: One of the legends of first wave

Want Some Ska Bands?

Aks Mama
Articles: Traditional ska
Beat Soup: Long-running Boston Ska
Big D & the Kid's Table
The Birkenstocks
Brave New Girl: Ex-Agent 99
Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Modern swing-ska
Chickenpox: Swedish 3rd wave
The Cigarres
Duck Soup
Eastern Standard Time
Easy Big Fella
Edna's Goldfish: Fast Long Island 3rd wave
The Executives
FoiL: Rocksteady/Oi ska
Funpark Five
Gangster Fun: Quirky 3rd wave band
Godzilla: Swiss ska
Hitmen For Hire: All instrumental traditional
Housewive's Choice
Ichmet Bricket
The Incognitos
The Indestructable Huxtables
The Insecurities
Jump With Joey
King 7 & the Soulsonics
Lemon Merchants
Let's Go Bowling: Modern traditional
Mephiskapheles: Heavy, "satanic" ska
Millencolin: Swedish Ska
Mobtown: Jazzy, trad-style
Mock Turtle Soup
Model Citizen
Mr. Review
Pacman Crew
Pitching Woo
The Porkers: Another Aussie ska band (who knew?)
Professor Plum
The Scofflaws: Long-running 3rd wave traditonal band (whatever that means...)
The 7-10 Splits
The Seen
The Spunks
Steady Earnest: Boston 3rd wave
Step Lively
Stiff Breeze
The Stubborn All-Stars: NYC pros playing traditional style
T Crookham & the Accidentals: Cincinnati Ska
Tantra Monsters
Taxicab Samurais
The Tile Renters
Vicious Cycle
US College Boy Allstars
Yes Have Some

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